Well, in the last few days I obsessed with khaki pants. I think they are great and pretty strange. They also are great for making simple, casual and chic outfits, and I don’t know why, but they rule! Ok, I have none of them, but I’m looking forward to get a pair. And, so I just try to make something on how I will wear it and a pair that I have found quite cheap and stylish.

Well this is my first polyvore thing, so don’t be so hard with me ;D Well, I think all this things cost more than a hundred euros so I didn’t bother in write down the brand. But they still express pretty well what I want to say. I would buy some skinny khaki pants and try to match them with really simple and basic thing such a gray or a beige sweater and a pair of black ankle boots. And to make ot more stylish I would try to wear a bracalet or a necklace that perfectly combine with it. I know this all are wuite vage things but I promised that if one day i got one of this I will show you how I match them

And for those just like me that have a 10€ per week pay, the cheap thing:

These beuties are from Zara and they cost more or less 30€

What do you thing? Would you buy ones and try to play around with them?

Have and amazing weekend ♥