Just a kind of review of this year, 2011. It has been one of the best years of my whole life. I’ll miss it, but I’m sure that the next year is gonna be amazing as well…. There’re a lot of memories in these photos, one for month, they’re my year, my feelings, my friends, my way of seeing my life. I can remember that when I create this blog, just a year ago (yes, I created this blog the 31th of december of 2010) I thought I will finish bad, I mean that I wouldn’t write in it, a thing that happened during a couple of months, but then it all change. I started writing again, and I began to care about my post and how did I do it. This year I started taking photos  seriously, in an appropriate way, and the year that comes I will continue, and I have a surprise ;D

I just hope that all the things that I want happen, and that my friends that I have now, continue to be so. And of course that all the things will improve.