So, just to star the new year in a good way, let’s leave behind all he mistakes from the 2011, starting from this failed cake that my sister and I tried to make a week ago.

We made a really sweet and tasty biscuit base

Then we started to make the different layers of fruit: banana, orange nad kiwi. For that we mixed some kind of milk cream with the fruit porridge. First the banana one.

Then the orange

And last but not less, the kiwi.

And well, this was the result. The main problem was that the different fruits completely mixed, so, it was pretty weird. In our defense I may add that the banana part was deliciuos, the kiwi one was edible. The orange part is another matter. Ok, I’m going to say it: IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!

But never main, the next cake is goong to be of chocolate, and as we all know chocolate just can not fail 😀