Today is ”Reyes Magos” day, so I’m posting the photos of my gifts 😀

The first one, the amazing perfum of Prada, CANDY!!! I wanted it so badly.The add it’s great, the bottle it’s really pretty and the smell is so sweet… just my kind of perfum. I like vanilla, chocolate, coco ones and this smells like biscuit and caramel so I guess it’s more or less the same ☺

And here it’s the other one. A book called: ”Las ardillas de Central Park están tristes los lunes” (Central Park’s squirrels are sad on Mondays) And it’s just another book for my strange tittles collection. I know, it’s really weird to collect book with bizarre, long tittles, but once I bought the first one I couldn’t stop myself.

What do you think of my great gifts? Do you have any special gift?

Bye ♫