I love shopping, especially with my mother. She has a great taste in clothes and she helps to shop with a little bit of head and to put outfits together while I’m shopping. I also enjoy shopping with my sister, but she’s much more practical and serious for clothes than me so sometimes she looks at my with that face of “What the hell are doing with THIS horrible thing?”. Let’s see, I’m going off on a tangent. The main thing is that I have bought and amazing white lace shirt and I wanted to share it and say that I think lace is going to be a great trend this spring, and that white is a pefect color that you can wear during aaaaall the spring and aaaall the summer, and that goes great with earth tones if it’s a little more cream color as mine so you can match it nearly with everything in you closet.

What do you think about lace for this spring?

Enjoy your weekend