You’re right, this photo is taken with my ‘wonderful’ compact camera. So yeah, this is another post full of bad photos taken in a dark room with a camera that only takes good photos with natural light, medium quality photos with a loooot of artificial light and this granulated photos when is a little bit of light. Pretty interesting, right? Anyway, I have to publish this because this concert was just amazing! They played sooooo well, I really like their music: it’s calm but pretty and it feels like summer, and as you probably know, for me say ”it feels like summer” is one of the best compliments that can be say to someone or something.

Then after having a great time listening to them, I went to the stand to buy their two CDs (that I will show you tomorrow) and to take a photo with them. They were really nice and John (the handsome singer of the band) singed me the CD.

(Me and decapanteradiactivo with them)

You can follow them in twitter or in their myspace

I wish you a happy Sunday ♥