Yesterday was the great night of Eurovision and here I am with my favourites songs from the night. I spent the night with my sister and my mother watching the contest on Tv and eating delicious things such as pizza and kish. I fell a little fatter today than I felt yesterday, but it doesn’t matter. The only thing is that I found particularly irritating is that the East countries always vote one another so they always get a good position even when sometimes they don’t deserve it. Of course I love Sweden, the winner but I think that Ireland (with the wonderful Jedward) should have been in the top five.

In many ways that performance has some reminiscences of a scene of Memories of a Geisha, especially with the “snow flakes”, the long black hair and the coat-kimono:

I think they lost a lot with that poger rangers suits. And the song was good, I like it a lot, but for me Lipstick was much better, even so I think they deserved a better place in the contest.

Denmark wasn’t bad, it was a normal song but the presence of a chello and a piano won me completely ;D

I am completely in love with this boy, I mean, he has such sweet eyes…

And finally the typical Eurovision song that is perfect to listen on a rainy day with your heart broken.

Have an amazing Sunday ♥