I decided to write this post after I saw an incredible fashion tutorial by Christelle Lim. She’s one of my favourite fashion bloggers and I like her style but also the way she makes her tutorials fun, amusing and beautiful since she usually film them in a casual and artistic way. In that tutorial Christelle showed how to match four different basics to create 15 different looks (well, sometimes the word different…). And it’s amazing cause she did some ultra-simple things that look incredible and that I never think of doing, and it inspired me to do something on my blog about school fashion. And since I’m not a very fashion and chic girl I think I’m going to share some videos that I found interesting and some inspiration. Hope you like.


And I also think that this funny video about how to make your backpack more fashionable must be useful for those who (like me in my old days) thought that a simple backpack it’s boring. For me it comes a little bit late cause I already have changed my backpack into a purse or a shopping bag, but maybe for you it’s not too late ;D


You might also like to check other fashion tutorial or videos by Christelle. If you want to then here it is her channel on youtube HERE.

Now I’m gonna put some photo.inspirations (my own inspiration collection) The photos are from various tumblrs.

Converse are a school basic. They are comfy, cool and pretty easy to match

Giving a touch of glamour to your school look is quite a good idea. Try to go with a little bit of make-up like burgundy lips or even some heels if you feel able to do it. Also any kind of shirts is OK, you can go with a denim shirt or some stripes, dots or liberty shirt. I ♥ shirts

Also if by the time you start school in the place that you live is already cold you can’t forget that booties are our friends as well as military parkas and cozy wool jackets. And please wear scarfs and cute wool hats. If you feel elegant you can go with a tweed jacket. Tweed jackets are perfect for fall and they are quite warm and easy to wear. Perfect for school.

And I don’t have anything else to say about back to school fashion. I think that I haven’t said something interesting by myself, but I tried. It’s the thought that counts